Japan in hot springs heaven


Japan in hot springs heaven

The hot springs here are my favorite hot springs. By the way, this is a bath. Unlike the bath at home, it is a large and open place to relax. Unlike Spa, hot springs should not be bathed in swimwear. You may be embarrassed at first, but that’s the culture of course. By the way, men and women cannot enter together.

The color of the hot spring looks pale because the ingredients of the hot spring are dissolved in the hot spring. The hot springs here will heal your tired body. And it is a hot spring that has therapeutic effects such as muscle pain, bruising, and bruising. You will be impressed by the hot springs in a very quaint building.

This is not a pond. This is also a hot spring and a bath. It is installed outdoors. Even on cold days, the hot springs are very warm and heal your body. The experience of entering a hot spring outside naked can only be experienced in Japan. Experience the Japanese bath culture and you will feel happy. We will continue to report on hot springs in Japan.