Hot Spring <地獄>


Hot Spring <地獄>

Japan was excited at the Rugby World Cup. Now we went to a city in Oita, Japan.
There are many hot springs in this city. And that hot spring is called hell. It is called hell that no one can enter the hot spring. Because it ’s so hot!



This is also hell. Hot springs that have become too hot in magma are erupting.

This is a hot spring that erupts. I had 30 feet before.


This hell is “Blood Pond Hell”. The iron contained in the hot spring is oxidized and turns red. It’s very hot and you can’t bathe or drink. It’s a scene that you can’t usually see.

ここは血の池地獄。赤色の温泉がステキ! 入浴は不可です。昔は染料に使われたらしいです。

There are many delicious Japanese foods in Oita. I recommend. This is mackerel. However, unlike mackerel that you usually eat because it lives in a special sea area, it will be delicious enough to make you feel amazing.

私のお気に入りの関サバ‼ 身がしまっていてとてもおいしい♡

You can eat pufferfish in Japan. Pufferfish is poisonous, and so it can be dangerous if not prepared properly. But Pufferfish is a delicacy in Japan. And it’s fantastic. Please eat if you come to Japan. We urge you to eat.

大分は河豚の本場‼ とても美味しくお気に入り♡


Oita has many hot springs where you can take a bath, and there are many delicious Japanese dishes. This is my recommended travel destination.